Aboard ‘The Canadian’: Day Two

Daily Summary
Last stop from yesterday: Capreol, ON
Last stop today: Winnipeg, MB
Capreol, ON - Gogama, ON: 86 miles
Gogama, ON - Hornepayne, ON: 210 miles
Hornepayne, ON - Longlac, ON: 100 miles
Longlac, ON - Armstrong, ON: 143 miles
Armstrong, ON - Sioux Lookout, ON: 138 miles
Sioux Lookout, ON - ON/MB border: 21 miles
ON/MB border - Winnipeg, MB: 88 miles
Total distance: 786 miles (1,265 km)
Good morning from the Thunder Bay district (5:30 AM)

We continued traveling over the Canadian Shield for much of today, passing more exposed bedrock and silver birches galore.

Yesterday the cellular network was virtually non-existent outside greater Toronto, but I suddenly came back into range in Armstrong, ON and every few hours afterward, for a few minutes each time. This allowed me to use the live tracker for the train to see where we were and how quickly we were moving.

Allanwater Bridge, Ontario

The weather was perfect for most of the day. We were stopped on a low bridge on Lac Seul for 45 minutes waiting for freight trains to pass, enjoying the sun glinting off the lake and watching seaplanes come and go.


We got to stretch our legs at Sioux Lookout around 1:30 PM, walking back and forth on the very long train platform. Back on the train we had a lovely beer tasting in the domed car, sampling the Pale Ale and Dark Ale from Fort Garry brewery.

Approaching Sioux Lookout

Just after 4 PM we experienced a rainstorm and watched the lightning from the domed car. The rain petered out fairly quickly.

Leaving Sioux Lookout

Another tasty dinner tonight. I took the trout with rice followed by strawberry lemon cake for dessert.

Cook Lake, Ontario

We crossed the Ontario/Manitoba before sunset and the environment changed to pastures and smooth, rolling hills soon after. Sunset seemed to go on for an hour, beautiful pink and purple streaks in the sky.

Sunset over Whitemouth, Manitoba

We were scheduled to arrive in Winnipeg at 7:30 tonight. At 10 pm we were stuck on the track within the city limits but not going anywhere. When we did finally get into the station close to midnight, we stayed for more than 2 hours as they had to change out the train’s engine.

Passing through Reynolds, Manitoba

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