Lake Constance during a heat wave

This week we returned from a little trip to Lake Constance which we made in an attempt to avoid the worst of the heat wave. We thought that we would at least have a lake for cooling off in, though it was actually too warm at around 27 C. However the air temperatures ranged from 30 to 34 C where we stayed in Meersburg, while Basel was always a few degrees more on any given day, so it was an improvement. Unfortunately I forgot to look for a hotel room with some kind of ventilation so we were very uncomfortable in our room at night without any A/C or even a fan to move the heavy air around.

Stein am Rhein, Switzerland

At least we were encouraged to stay out of the room and see some new-to-us spots on the lake.

On the ferry leaving Meersburg, Germany

On the drive to Meersburg we made a slight detour for lunch to Stein am Rhein, an adorable village in Switzerland.

Our first full day in Meersburg we took the ferry to Mainau Island and explored the vast gardens there.

We spend ages in the rose garden – me mostly in the shady spots looking at various hosta plants and some grazing goats, occasionally braving the sun to sniff a blossom that was not burned or withered.

After lunch we then headed toward the other rose garden, this one an Italian style garden. Luckily there were many other things to see along the way.

Above the Italian rose garden
Rose-covered pergola
Mixed border in the rose garden
Roses, yes.

The Italian rose garden was actually quite beautiful and as I had a Mövenpick ice cream just before we got there, I was quite content , especially when I noticed the pretty benches.

Relaxing in the shade
The Rose Hunter at work

Finally we sniffed our last rose blossom of the day and headed back to the ferry harbour to return to Meersburg.

The next day we took it easy and looked around Meersburg, including a visit to the New Palace.

We also made a day trip to Lindau Island on Lake Constance, which is much bigger than Meersburg and equally as charming.

On our drive back to Basel we made one final stop on the lake at Überlingen, which is a really nice town with some fun shops.

Watering cans in Überlingen
Church tower in Überlingen
Photogenic shop in Überlingen

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