Creativity and inspiration

I have been enjoying a radio programme about writing the last few days called “The Invisible College“. I don’t think I have learned anything new as far as creative writing techniques go, but I love listening to the voices of genius writers past and present, and their often conflicting ideas of working that always turns out into something I want to read, regardless of their chosen methods.

Their ideas and discussions are stimulating my creativity at the very least and allowing my mind to wander a bit, which ties in to an interesting article I came across, not specific to writing but to being creative. The conclusion of the article is essentially that social media misuse and addictions are making us all dullards. I’m still considering it, but also wonder at the long-term effects of our “always on” lifestyles. It is another thing to consider in my so far unexecuted goal to leave Facebook. There are many other factors, of course, which I guess I will expand on when I do finally delete my account… But for now, another story needs to be written and course work needs to be done.

In the meantime, please let me know what you thought of the radio program and article, if either was of interest to you.

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