It’s past time I started my next story. It’s a short one, only 1,000 words – a pre-course story for my novella writing module this summer. I know what I want to write about, and planned to do it while traveling around Israel. But I was living in the moment of traveling instead, and have less than a page of plot notes written while away. Now, here I am, writing about what I should be writing about, instead of just writing it.

The novella is going to be another research-intensive experience which I am really looking forward to, and my pre-course assignment is a story about one of my novella characters, so essentially a small story within the greater story. It’s a good thing I have a deadline and word limit or else this could go on for awhile.

But I am also distracted, because while in Acre/Akko, I had another story idea. Another potential novel/novella length story that requires quite a bit more research. Can I work on two at once? It feels like a bad idea… though of course I can to a point, right? I feel very strongly that both these stories need to be told, eventually. And am a bit scared of losing my grasp on one by focusing on the other.

Any advice, or experience, from fellow writers on this kind of problem?

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  1. Can be difficult to work on two together however, it works sometimes. I have done it and find on the odd occasion when my mind is tired with the development of one, it can provide a brain respite to look at the other. Of course, a time comes when you will need to focus more on the one, especially if you have a publication deadline. But in the meantime the mixture can be refreshing.


  2. Hi T.R., thanks for sharing your experience. It’s basically how I imagine it will go – one is always the main focus and one is always secondary, but the focus will shift as I go along. Or, likely. I like that it can even be refreshing at times! I’m sure I will need that as I slog through it.


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