My silence these last several days may seem like laziness but I have been writing or researching nearly every day, for my next assignment, and had to neglect the blog. The deadline is looming but for me its even sooner than required, as I want to submit it before my next journey. (I will have another assignment I need to think about then!)

The story I’m working on takes place in 1878 Glasgow. It has taken many hours of research to come up with my 2,500 words of story. The number of words I had to read grew exponentially with each one I wrote. It has been mostly fun but also very challenging, exploring Glasgow at the time, learning the words in use, the standards of living based on my character’s job, what his job would have actually entailed, the shape of the city landscape, the Glasgow patter, and my character’s life in general – he is based on one of my ancestors, who seems to have had a very hard life, as did his wife and children. I had already learned a lot about him before I started the story, which is what put the story in my head. I cannot publish the story until it is submitted and marked, but it is based on as much fact as I can collect across time and space.

This would not have been possible before the Internet existed, and was already difficult at times to find what I was looking for. Some ideas I had to abandon for lack of conviction in my mind. One interesting thing I noticed, though, is that I seem to use the A-M book of my Shorter Oxford English Dictionary than the N-Z book. I guess this says something about my vocabulary.

Unfortunately my short or non-existent posts will probably continue the next few weeks as I travel and write assigned stories, but I do hope to check in from time to time with a photo or quick note. Until then…

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